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There are multiple ways to share the A Deacon’s Musing blogs. One way is to organise them based upon such categories as Fiction, Poetry and Visual. Another way is to sort them around Features such as Feather’s Fall, TEDxThe Story of Then or Vignettes, I suspect there is no perfect way to do it. Each hopefully speaks to a particular reader of seeker’s interest or however the muse might be whispering upon each visit. An archive, therefore, feels like an appropriate way to further share these various reflections. I hope, then, that this page proves as one additional way to further engage and create conversation!


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Leadership & Justice #2

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Leadership is facilitative; Leadership is modelling; Leadership is prophetic; Leadership is relational; Leadership endeavours to be collaborative; Leadership endeavours to be conciliar; Leadership occurs in community; Leadership occurs in a faith-based context; Leadership occurs

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