Stories … they’re funny things. This A Deacon’s Musing feature will share vignettes of voices that are (often) an amalgamation of experiences, contexts and people. They will frequently be monologues, which will be speaking both directly to our United Church of Canada and generally to faith communities. As with all stories, this may not have actually happened, but all stories are true. And as story-tellers know, once you hear them, they are happening to you …

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Icon: Link(s) Dice (March 29/13)

Icon: Link(s) Sophia (May 10/14)
Icon: Link(s) A Pew (June 20/14)
Icon: Link(s) Naomi (September 12/14)
Icon: Link(s) Jacob (November 14/14)


Icon: Link(s) A Bible (January 15/15)
Icon: Link(s) Chris (March 13/15)
Icon: Link(s) Notre Mère (April 18/15)
Icon: Link(s) Techne (July 10/15)
Icon: Link(s) A Basement (September 25/15)
Icon: Link(s) A Letter (October 30/15)

Icon: Link(s) Silence (January 22/16)
Icon: Link(s) Pen & Mirror (April 08/16)
Icon: Link(s) Honour Roll (October 14/16)
Icon: Link(s) Shepherd (November 25/16)

Icon: Link(s) An Ant (March 03/17)
Icon: Link(s) A Garden (March 10/17)
Icon: Link(s) Gunn’s Stone (March 17/17)
Icon: Link(s) The Microphone (March 24/17)
Icon: Link(s) McCrae’s Table (March 31/17)
Icon: Link(s) The Cat (October 14/17)

Icon: Link(s) Font (January 27/18)
Icon: Link(s) Classroom (August 25/18)

Icon: Link(s) Prayer Beads (May 5/19)

Icon: Link(s) Lent|Vignette (The River) (April 2/20)
Icon: Link(s) 1988/ (May 13/20)

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