Good News is Coming

Good News is Coming

Welcome to the Advent Collection of A Deacon’s Musing. I hope these prose & poetic blogs are of use for reflection and listening during this time of waiting and preparation. Please choose one of the Tabs to the left to explore further the collection sorted by year. I would love to hear your thoughts and reflections as feels appropriate. Please do reach out and contact me should continuing the conversation be of interest.


Dec 2/09

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Do-ers & Be-ers
In this Advent blog, I explored what it means to both do and be people of faith.

Dec 2/11

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Waiting for Crackpot Jesus
In this blog, I reflected on this child for whom we wait, where he might be found today and what choices lay before us as we endeavour to live into our discipleship.

Dec 8/11

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Gifts
In this musing, I explored what the word ‘gift’ might mean to Christians as we enter the Advent Season of reflection.

Dec 15/11

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Rattling of Swords
In this blog, Dea. Richard muses about the world’s tendency to seek solutions through the use of violence & war and whether or not that is a compatible choice from our Christian vantage.

Dec 21/11

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Cacophony of Sound
In this Advent blog, I reflected on the tension of this time of year that is filled with noise & distractions, while the Christian Advent Season encourages us to reflect from a vantage of waiting.

Nov 29/12

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Poetry
In this first 2012 Advent blog, I used poetry as we began to walk into this season of Advent Waiting.

Dec 8/12

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Peace
In this musing, I reflected about some of my experiences during Sabbatical & how it connects with Peace!

Dec 14/12

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Joy Dea. Richard explores Advent Joy within a poetry-slam genre/performance approach. If you’re reading this – maybe try speaking it to see if the spoken cadence translates from the written word.

Dec 21/12

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Love
In this final 2012 Advent blog, I mused about love through the lens of Tina Turner & Christian Anarchism!

Dec 5/14

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|Poetry II
In this 2014 Advent blog, I returned to using poetry to explore the season of Advent Waiting to the arrival of the Christmas moment.

Nov 25/16

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent: Vignette|Shepherd
In this 2016 Advent blog, I mused about Advent through a Vignette from the perspective of a Shepherd from first century Judea.

Dec 25/16

Icon: LinkA Deacon’s Musing: Advent|4 Reflections
In this 2019 Advent blog, I mused about the following: “In shadows’ midst, how do hope, peace, joy & love embolden us to boldly blaze?”