As I began to imagine this last this blog while in ministry with you, I have had the gift to explore previously penned A Deacon’s Musings. I hope that this part of our ministry has allowed you space to hear challenge, to reflect back to me encouragement to clarify and discuss further. I hope that this blog has offered solace for those in need, learning for those awakening and questions navigated well for those who are seeking. And – I continue to hope – that this blog shares some of the potential that I believe you – as a Family of Faith – posses. I hope you find ways to discern life-giving ways to harness that which the Spirit longs for you to be.

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2 Corinthians Papyrus

In conclusion, I offer a few reflective prayers upon which I hope you take time to meditate, discern whether they are appropriate, and (where action may be nurtured) that you do so as those who shine in a world longing to see within the greyness of our human condition …

I pray that you will be kind to one another. The words we choose determine the stories we live. The words we use convey love and trust or judgement and harm. We may not have the power to change other people, but we do possess the potential to awaken one another to the gift that each of us is, but we must do so with intention and from that mindfulness words might flow with appreciation.

I pray that you will continue to choose to recognise God’s abundance as you wrestle in a culture of entrenchment and isolation. As long as you have been a faith community, you have lived into places where others have said you cannot, that it isn’t possible, and that this isn’t the right time. Discipleship isn’t about preparation or waiting for the moment when to spend what has been hoarded. Following the Christ is not logical, it’s abandoned risk that leads to life-giving awakening in the presence and reality of human suffering.

I pray that you will let go … let go of the temptation that rests upon your shoulders, that if you just do a little more, get a few more people, acquire a little more capital … I pray you breathe deeply and let go of the illusion of control. God moves, the Spirit inspires and Christ lives! Our task is not to MAKE the Kingdom, but to live it. The rest is God’s dominion and I pray you will trust to that promise with mirth, joy and wonder.

God is Good,
All the time!

All the time,
God is Good!