Be ...

Be …
Image: Thor

We’re always doing. Schedules and phone calls, meeting and gatherings. The constant ebb and flow of a world hard-wired, digitised, centralised and sanitised leaves little time to be. To stop, smell, notice, digest and savour.

If time appears, it’s commodified, weighed, compared, quantified and qualified. What would we do with something to do that we call nothing? What would our overactive pituitary and amygdala process? What about the adrenaline laced addiction that keeps us in a constant state of ON. Flashing light, honking car, blaring music … the constant, pounding, rhythm in which being is drowned, overwhelmed and subsumed.

On mountain high-top, in watery pools, on beaches’ shore and multitudes’ press, he was able to be. Be what they wanted, be what they needed, but what did he want to be? Be this, anything but that, and even in that garden he still couldn’t be.

But he didn’t get caught up by their demands. He made space, took off, went up the mountain. And even there they followed. With their questions, their incredulity, their blasphemy and idolatry.

He wanted to be and they want to beatify.
He wanted to breathe and they wanted to freeze.
Make static that moment, that second, transcendence between body, mind and spirit.
When we shine we’re dancing waves and particles re-(e)merge, that embrace and laugh.
He went to be and they couldn’t exhale.

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket
Image: Walt Disney

We’ve divided, parsed and binary’d bodies from community and needs from one another. We’re isolated, stigmatised, stereotype’d and flattened to be just one thing. Whether gender, sex, colour, language or race – what you see is what you get and what you get ain’t often what you be.

But then there he is … beckoning, modelling, inviting. Not separated or removed, not gone or waiting on tick tock to click the end. In me you might see him, in you I might see me, but we got ta look, we got ta listen … we got ta be. But do we want to be something we long for but let go of what is?

It ain’t easy – no simple quick fix, no red or blue pill, no Jiminy Cricket smiling to let us know not to follow the nose. Being ain’t easy – it takes time, it takes breath, commitment, and letting go of what you’ve been told in order to claim what ya know.

Maybe that’s wisdom
Maybe that’s awakening
Maybe that’s resurrection

It’s a promise – it’s constantly there and … in that mirror’s reflection … maybe we’ll see  …
we can’t
no matter how clever
do it alone …