Rachael had left to run some errands in the Polis. Though they had removed themselves to the crystalline desert there were still connexions, obligations and responsibilities that required … intention. Miriam could not bring herself to return – it had been several revolutions since they had left and still the thought of returning for required practicalities was draining. Rachael simply smiled without recrimination.

Silently Floating Downward

Silently Floating Downward

As Miriam replayed the day old memory, she initially did not hear the transponder quietly requesting her attention. The lyrical tone finally interrupted her fugue and she left the veranda as the singing desert shared a melody announcing the evening’s arrival. As the doors slid open in their audibly silent whisper, the transponder cascaded with pastel-lighted sound. As Miriam lifted her arm to activate the visual connexion, she anticipated that Rachael might be on the other end – perhaps announcing a surprise early return – as her arm activated the sensor, however, she knew that would not be the case …

Though there was no visual, the Cynosure’s logo swirled. Miriam’s breath halted, her shoulders tightened, and she knew her hoped for retirement, retreat, even reprieve was … over.

“Creator Balbus?” a monotone voice inquired.

“Here,” Miriam replied by rote.

“Creator Balbus, please hold for Mentor Pilate. Initiating visual feed in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …”

My Dear One,

We knew – or perhaps we simply dreamed – that the desert’s crystals would allow us to more fully explore the Whisper with one another. I know it is all for which I have ever longed, even before I could articulate it. I so cherish the art you create upon the canvas membranes to which you impart life and potential. I hope – that when you begin this letter – you will hear me deeply beyond the inadequacy of the text.

While you were gone Cynosure and Mentor Pilate have recalled me with an Executive Order. Seems that there has been … Mirkle activity that requires … my attention. I know we talked – once – about how no one is irreplaceable, but Mentor seems to think that, well, they need me and he has done what he is allowed to do.

I will try to contact you once I arrive at Cynosure, but I am not sure how long I will be there, as there are indications I may be required elsewhere. So, until then, listen to the Whisper Rachael, for it is there that my touch remains ever yours.


Upon an empty table recently sealed in a hermeneutic murmur, as the suns’ set in cascading colours slowly drawing nigh, a feather floats silently downward. Landing upon a letter of parchment, it clings to the dappling vestige of a tear let loose in loss …