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As I was reviewing the blogs that have been written since 2008, I became aware that one of the non-fiction pieces of writing I had penned was not, unfortunately, part of the A Deacon’s Musing collection. I first mused about Intentional Community in 2008, when I was blogging with the Emerging Spirit Programme of The United Church of Canada (UCC). Later on, in 2009, I then wrote this Proposal that included the following suggested discussion points:

What was missing from the collection, however, was the 2011 Intentional Community document that I wrote while helping co-facilitate a learning circle in the Designated Lay Ministry programme. With lots of help, 21 revisions later, the document below (which can downloaded here) was born. I initially, and continue to do so, shared it under the Creative Commons (CC) license.

If I recall correctly, one of the reasons this document did not get included in the ADM website was on account of there being an online UCC resource for CC creations. I believe, as is the wont of the ever-changing landscape of the internet, it was eventually deactivated. I thought, therefore, it would be interesting to revisit this ongoing musing and see if new aspects to the conversation might unfold …

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