In 2018 and 2019 I introduced a new discipline in my Lenten practice. The list below reflects that practice of searching for stories of hope for each of the 40 days of Lent. The reason then, which I believe continues to resonate, is that both traditional and digital media focus on telling tales of deficit and fear. These are not what my faith teaches me: namely, that we are not only beautifully blessed creatures, but that we live with the abundance of a Creator that longs for us to shine, so as to help others leave the shadows. This list was a practice that helped illuminate places of light, so that we might be emboldened to carry our own beacons out into the world. I hope, therefore, that the list below continues to offer stories of hope as you explore your own journey of awakening to the blessing you are.

  1. Scientists create stem cell therapy for lung fibrosis conditions
  2. He found out his son had cancer. His coworkers answered with unbelievable kindness.
  3. Winnipeg mall cleaner in viral video sings ‘for the joy of others’
  4. Cop Writes Amusing “Police Report” of Furry Carjacker Found on His Windshield
  5. 13 side-by-side portraits of people over 100 with their younger selves
  6. Pianist Ludovico Einaudi In The Arctic Ocean The most beautiful thing you’ll see today.
  7. Woman Catches Thief Then Takes Him Out For Coffee
  8. Autism Car Wash
  9. Parents paint messages of joy and kindness on school bathroom stalls
  10. ‘One in a million’ yellow cardinal spotted in Alabama
  11. Couple Married 70 Years Renews Their Vows
  12. 3,000 Jews and Muslims Sign Up to Learn a Song Together–the Result is Perfect Harmony
  13. The right kind of pessimism can have a positive effect on your life
  14. Students Give Back To Their Teacher After His Wife Has Another Miscarriage
  15. The Most Detailed Map of the Universe to Date
  16. The absolutely wild story from the civil rights movement you didn’t hear in history class.
  17. Watch Giggling Residents of Rome Delight in Rare Snowfall With a Snowball Fight
  18. Narrative 4
  19. A glimpse of goodness
  20. KAIROS Women of Courage Program: Being a Feminist every day of the year
  21. Why drama class gave me a reason to stay and thrive in school.
  22. New Jersey Business Owner Won’t Leave Shivering Neighbors Out in the Cold
  23. Developer donates entire building to house pregnant homeless women
  24. ‘Protest doesn’t have to be loud and angry’
  25. Tribute to Stephen Hawking: Why He Threw a ‘Party for Time Travelers’
  26. Holocaust survivor: Hitler didn’t win, I did.
  27. Student Wins $250,000 for Using Math to Solve a Potato Problem–and it Could Save Farmers Billions
  28. Bricking it: turning human waste into clean fuel
  29. Good News in History, March 18
  30. A museum of happiness? World’s first will open in London after crowdfunding success
  31. #Quote #Memes #WilhelmReich #Love
  32. SFO terminal to be renamed in honor of Harvey Milk
  33. Gas Station Clerk Finds Lost $1 Million Lottery Ticket – But Doesn’t Keep it
  34. In our nature: the young conservationists
  35. Why Smiling Is Good for You – and Five Photos That Guarantee Grins on World Happiness Day
  36. Six College Students Rush Into Burning Building And Rescue 90-Year-Old Man
  37. Blue whale appears to blow rainbow heart
  38. What went right? January to March 2018
  39. Blackhawks emergency goalie Scott Foster plays final 14 minutes of win over Jets
  40. Trio of Nations Sign Landmark Agreement to Protect World’s Largest Tropical Wetland