Toward you I journey
I want to wave palms
I want to shout with joy
I want eternity in the moment
I want not the darkness to arrive
I want not the trials to unfold
I want …

Approaching the gates
will soon unfold
Approaching the palms
will soon occur
Approaching the betrayal
will soon ensue

But I am tired
No more do I wish to have my eyes opened
No more do I wish to have ears that listen
No more do I wish my heart to echo suffering’s ache
No more do I want to see the margins
No more …

They wept for him
he who had lived
now lay in state
scented with herbs
a funerary reminder
of that which
we were
we are
we will be

Clothed in linens
stone rolled shut
light deprived
only still air to comfort
only silence to care
only absence to nurture

Lazarus' Triptych

Lazarus’ Triptych