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Who do we say that we are?



This 4-part series has been grounded in questions that begin with the question, “Who … ?” Throughout this journey, it seems that the use of vignettes or snap-shots has been a helpful way to muse through the questions. I guess, true to that form, I will end this last Who-blog in that manner.

The following two responses to the question are offered as story-lines or narratives. I do not claim that they are in any way authoritative, but I do pray – at the least – they are provocative enough to stir the imagination and may very well lead to discussion.

Each of the images – cremation and compost – that grounds the following discussion, have been borrowed by me for this blog from a recent time of listening and learning from Nadia Bolz-Weber during her time here in Winnipeg. I hope that my presumption honours the passion with which she shared.

I am not sure where we are going; both stories may contain truth and are not intended to be seen as binaries. They – however – hopefully stimulate the mind to realise that we have choices to make and that agency is ours to live into, because no matter what we end up doing the breath of God – the Spirit will and does fly – she will touch lives and transform them. Who might be the agents of Ruah, however, is only know to that which we call the Wisdom of God … may it be so!