Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal

She loved it, couldn’t deny it, hell wouldn’t! She had loved being a Creator, and knew she would be lying to herself, and Rachael, if she ever claimed she didn’t – at times – miss the satisfaction when it worked. When that gene sequence snapped into place and the abstract art of biogineering translated into tangible existence was a … rush! She hated the word, but the mirror reflects truth, even when avoided, her Mentor always told her.

And that was it, that bloody reflection that she knew was killing … no it was devouring her essence. It was never enough. Even when she had the big one – ‘the breakthrough’ – which everyone thought was even bigger than Mirkle’s Temporal Solution, it was momentary, and left her desiring more. She was the star and from that ascended & lofty place, she had walked away.

It was hard, but not because of the loss of the rush, but because she did not know what Rachael would think. She needed her, not in a dependent manner, but they completed one another. Longings, melancholy even despair were bearable – at times almost forgotten – when Rachael held her. Whether after that moment when the Bliss eradicated the Now or when a simple touch reminded her she was not alone … she needed Rachael to not only be okay with the choice, but the move …

Bird's feather with grain of sand

Bird’s feather with grain of sand

They looked at each other. Rachael smiled. They were okay. They had worked on the Whispering when communication was too cumbersome.

Whispering was another one of those phenomena that was revealed after Mirkle’s work. It wasn’t telepathy, which continued to elude. It was discovered to be an ethereal, even sublime, connexion. The neurology still seemed fuzzy, but essentially it was assumed that those with whom you practiced Whispering were able to connect at the quantum, the essential level, with the other. Thoughts transmitted so much data that words would never be able to convey and the Whispering threaded you into the knowing of another’s tapestry.

“We’ll go – of course Dear One.” Rachael said touching the side of her face tenderly.

She loved it, couldn’t deny it, hell wouldn’t! The suns’ dawn kissed the desert’s varied-hued red stones and in that every-morning event the crystals sang. It was like the Bliss, but it not only lasted, it resonated until the next morning’s event. This was why she left – calm. Away from the Polis, simply being, no longer a Creator. She would never go back …